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Published Date:25/6/09

PPM becomes UK Distributor for Danfysik ACP

2nd June 2009, Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd., Swindon UK are proud to announce that it has become the UK distribution partner for Danfysik ACP.  

Danfysik ACP design and manufacture precision current measurement systems.  Their "Flux Gate" technology allows the efficient, accurate and stable measurement of DC and AC currents from 0-12.5A to 25,000A.  The transducers act like a DC current transformer, stepping down the current by a known number of turns.  By passing this scaled secondary current through a known, low value resistor, a voltage reading can be generated and captured.  With the addition of a precision amplifier module a +/- 0-10V output can be presented directly to a data acquisition device.  DC offsets are less than 100ppm with thermal drifts typically 2ppm/K and linearity <3ppm.

Applications in medical systems, automotive electronics and power analysis have all been addressed successfully using the "Flux Gate" principle. 

For more information about PPM's range of products please contact  Phil Surman on         +44 (0)1793 784389 or email: phil.surman@ppm.co.uk or sales@ppm.co.uk.


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