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Pulsed Power Switches


For special requirements, ABB is producing optimised components for use in Pulsed Power applications. These components are designed for very high di/dt switching, fast turn-on in combination with very high current capability and high voltages, and most of them are integrated with driver unit which are optimised for pulsed applications.

ABB designs and produces complete solid-state assemblies which include the semiconductor device, driving circuit, triggering, mechanical clamping, cooling and aplplication specific testing.

Due to higher reliability and lower maintenance costs, ABB's optimised devices, mostly as complete assemblies, are increasingly being used to replace thyratrons and ignitrons.






Semiconductor Components optimised for Pulsed Power Applications

Part Number


Device  Type  Gate Driver 
Asymmetric Blocking            
5STH 20H4501 4500  18  80  Discharge switch  Repetitive  None 
5STH 30J4501  4500  18  110  Discharge Switch  Repetitive  None 
5SPY 36L4503  4500  18  150  Discharge Switch  Repetitive  Integrated
5SPY 36L4506  4500  18  150  Discharge Switch  Repetitive  Integrated
Multiwafer Components             
5SDA 27Z1350    13.500  60  Crowbar Diode  Non-repetitive   

Current source power supplies are available on request.  For higher voltages, devices can be stacked in series connection. For higher currents, most devices can be used in parallel connection.  Due to the nature of different pulse power applications and their specific demands, ABB prefers to supply complete assembled switches which can be designed and tested as per customer application conditions.